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PCB Depaneling for Tab-Routed and V-Scored Circuit Boards

Pioneer Dietecs offers a complete line of depaneling systems for close tolerance singulating of v-scored and tab-routed printed circuit boards. The Pioneer system is a press-based, stress-free system that includes both dies and presses. Pioneer Dietecs tooling offers the same accuracy as hard tooling for a fraction of the cost.

Typical PCB Depaneling Designs

Download pdf of 6 design tips for PCB depaneling.

Stress-Free, Press-Based Singulating:

  • Cleaner and more accurate than routing
  • As accurate as punching with no stress
  • More accurate, less stressful and quicker than pizza cutters
  • Singulates both tab-routed and v-scored arrays
  • Die changes can be made in 30 seconds