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PCBA Depaneling System Options

Depaneling System Options

jedec trays pcb depaneling

Robotic Depaneling Cell

The S2000 press lends itself easily to in-line integration. The top of the press can be easily removed to have robotic access to the lower shuttle table for pick & place of arrays and singulated PCBs.

robotic cell

Singulated PCBs being removed by the robot with the S2000 press (in the rear of the cell behind the robot)

Replacement and New Wand Punching Dies

punching die

Upgrade Your Wand System with Better Dies for Less

Pioneer Dietecs offers male/female punching dies that work perfectly with Wand systems. Pioneer punching dies can improve performance of your existing equipment by minimizing stress. And they cost less. What's more, Pioneer provides better service than larger companies. Better service, better dies, and lower prices. Why not give Pioneer a try?

Jedec Trays

jedec depaneling Tray

For depaneling PCB’s with Jedec trays:

  • 7 seconds per panel
  • Standard JEDEC trays (& nonstandard; up to 32mm thick)
  • Up to 32 tray capacity
  • Low force auto depaneling
  • Quick change die sets
  • Clean Room compatible
  • Starting at $75,000

Bosch Conveyer Belt

For depaneling PCBs in a Bosch conveyor pallet system:

  • 3 seconds per PCB depaneling pallet cycle time
  • PCB panels up to 250mm x 340mm in size
  • Up to 16 pallet capacity
  • Low force auto depaneling
  • Quick change modular die sets
  • Clean Room compatible
  • Starting at $85k

Let Pioneer design a turnkey system for your depaneling process.

Send us a CAD file, pdf or sample array and we'll quote a turnkey system including both dies and presses you need to completely singulate your printed circuit boards.